The SurPLUs Store

What is SurPLUs?

The Surplus Store is an initiative of PLU’s Sustainability department designed to promote efficiency through the reuse of functional equipment & furniture. The Surplus Store serves as a sustainable outlet redirecting items through PLU’s recycling program and making them available for reuse on campus and in local the community.

When is it open?

surPLUs will be open on Tuesdays from 12-4 and Fridays from 12-6.

Where is surPLUs?

surPLUs is located on the far west side of campus, past Morken and the Print Shop, near Facilities Management.  It’s a big gray warehouse with a chain link fence around it.

surplus loc

What’s there?

Surplus shoppers find well functioning articles ranging from books, binders & office supplies to chairs, large desks, tables and even couches. Since reuse is the priority, prices are highly affordable and bulk items such as chairs are frequently donated to local non-profits. See below for a more detailed list of items currently in stock.

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Sustainability Water Bottles (Take Back the Tap), Indoor Composting Bins, Outdoor Composting Bins Paper Pads

Office Supplies Desktop Sorting Sets, Peachies, File Folders, Hanging Folders, Printers, Paper Shredders, Crates, Staplers, Badges & Badge Holders, Rolodex, Partitions, Power Cables

School Supplies Leisure Books, Academic Books, Professional Books, Binders, Peachies, Spiral Notebooks

Home, Office & Classroom Furniture Bookshelves, Rolling Chairs, Padded Group Seating Chairs, Cushioned Stationary Chairs, Wooden Chairs, Office Chairs, Desks, Podiums, Filing Cabinets, White Boards, Chalk Boards, Cork Boards, Ethernet (internet) Cables

Home Other Microwaves, Coffee Makers, TV’s, Paint, Cups, Mugs, Glassware, Utensils, Vacuum Cleaners, Movies, CD’s, Coolers, Posters, Artwork, Trashcans, Brooms, Baskets, Doors, Mirrors, Plastic Storage Ware, Wooden Boxes

Specialty Costumes Donated from Theatre Dept. (thru Oct 31), 2 Photo Plate Makers, 2 Children’s Bicycles, Rotating Gift Card Hanging Rack, Rotating Keychain/Jewelry Hanging Rack, Crutches, Paper Towel Dispenser, Restroom Item Dispenser, Typewriters


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