Parkland Transit Center to Receive a Facelift

This morning, Greg Premo and I met with a Pierce Transit project team about improvements to its Parkland Transit Center. Grant funds enable Pierce Transit to enhance its Parkland Transit Center immediately. Officials estimate the two month construction project will begin as early as March 2013 and be completed no later than late May. Permits are pending and PT is optimistic permits will be issued in Feb.

Transit center will have 2 new shelters and improved lighting, sidewalks, parking lot, and security friendly landscape, and CCTV.   A new looking transit station will occur just in time to usher in the new MRLH and Garfield Station constituents.

Impact to East Campus and Riders:
4 bus stops will be moved across the street from the transit center onto 121st Street (Routes 45, 55, 204, 410). Bus stop poles/garbage cans, signage, and bus zones markings will be installed (temp) on south east stretch of 121st street between Pacific Ave and C Street.
Up to 4 buses will dwell for up to 15 minutes in the 121st street zones. Buses stop only once per hour and it will be uncommon for more than 1 or 2 buses to dwell at a time.
Passengers will wait for buses on the “sidewalk.”  Shelters will be unavailable throughout the project. Bathrooms will be located somewhere on the transit project site.
1 bus stop will move to the Pacific Avenue border of the transit station, close to the corner of Pacific Ave and NE 121st Street. (Route 1)   Route 1 stops will be along Pacific Avenue rather than in transit center.

East Campus parking lot was offered to PT security as an observation point for their roaming security cars. This adds to existing security presence at East Campus.
Campus Safety and Auxiliary Services will develop a temporary access and security plan for/with East Campus constituents, particularly PLU dance students.  It is probable that Door C will be locked 24/7 and another door be designated as entry for east campus constituents.

Potential Challenges:

The project timeline could slide.  PT is aware that construction and temp bus zones will be a problem when heavy use of east campus begins with the MRLH move-in.

I’ll pass on more detail and the plans in person.
Best –
Ginger Peck
– PLU Auxiliary Services Director


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