Sustainability Committee Minutes


Sustainability Committee


9/12/12                           Chair: Rose McKenney

3:45-5:00 PM                 Treasurer: Anna Pfohl

UC REGENCY                   Secretary:  Brooke McIntyre


Members Present:

Brooke McIntyre, Anna Pfohl, Kenny Stancil, Tyler Wilson, Joe Bell, Chrissy Cooley, Carmen Eyssautier, Joe Kowalczyk, Wendy Robins, Linda Gibson, Romey Haberle, Rose Mckenney, Nathalie op de Beeck, Gretchen Howell


1. Introductions


2. Filling Treasurer and Secretary Positions

Anna Pfohl assumed role of Treasurer and Brooke McIntyre assumed role as Secretary.


3. Green Fees: The total amount of Green Fees for the 2012-2013 academic year is $30,053.10

A. Update on current proposals that have either been approved or are in the process of approval

–          The purchase and screening of the film “Mother Nature’s Child” requested by Nathalie op de Beeck has been approved. The screening will occur on October 9.

–          Funding for UnPLUg event requested by Rebecca Rumpza has been approved.

–          Funding for the Sustainability Retreat requeted by the Sustainability fellows has been approved. Kenny went through the itinerary for this retreat.

–          Funding for the reDesign project requested by Jp Avila is in the process of review for approval.

–          Funding for a water filter in Ramstad requested by Abigail Blackner is in the process of review for approval.


B. Goals of Green Fees

            – Question proposed by Rose: Should there be limits on proposals and what green fees are used for based on rules designed by the committee, or should this be left up to the three students designated to vote?

            – Committee discussed that students should have the final vote, since it is student money, but it would be helpful to create green fee criteria that would help manage which proposals are appropriate for approval.

            – Some general ideas for green fees were the following:

  • Improve the application and add People Planet Prosperity to description.
  • Get word out to students about how their money is being allocated and make green fees generally more visible for the PLU community.
  • Possibly change the name to reflect what type of proposals and projects green fees apply to (Name change would need to go through ASPLU).
  • Possibly set-up informational meetings about green fees for students, staff, and faculty.


4. STARS – Data Discussion

– Chrissy explained a little bit about the STARS Program and showed PLU’s score sheet from the last submission in which PLU received silver. PLU will resubmit this October and there will be a campus wide presentation on November 14th to discuss PLUs score and progress.

– Setting up a Sakai site for the Sustainability Committee was briefly discussed and Rose said she would look further into this possibility.


5. Announcements and Requests

A. Updates from Sustainability Fellows

  • Tyler : Restoration of the Morken Meadow – Has visited some other restoration sites in the Puget Sound area, including the JBLM prairie, has written a preliminary paper and experiment that will be implemented, and is in the process of figuring out logistics for the research.
  • Kenney : Examining Irrigation Practices & Rainwater Usage – Beginning to research ways in which rain water can be captured from around campus with different water catchment systems.

B. Dining & Culinary

  • Dining is in the process of replacing all plastic to go silverware with compostable bamboo ones for all to-go orders. They are currently purchasing them from a company in California.
  • We need to spread the word that all the new packaging for sandwiches is recyclable.
  • Wendy talked about the possibility of starting a new compost program around campus, such as in various offices and academic spaces, so composting is more easily accessible. This would require volunteers from different departments to bring compost back to the AUC Commons.

C. If you want something on the Committee Meeting Agenda contact Rose McKenney before the meeting.


  • There needs to be more advertisement and a greater push for academic buildings to get involved with unplug this year.
  • Part of the green fee proposal went toward buying shirts for UnPLUg Kick-off event.

E. AASHE Conference – Rented a bus to take people down to the Conference this year. There are still spaces available on the bus if more people want to attend.