Training on Reproductive Health and the Environment

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Hi all,
This November, the Sierra Club Global Population and Environment Program is co-hosting the 7th annual “One Voice Summit: Linking Reproductive Health and the Environment” – a 3-day training and advocacy workshop for young people under the age of 25 to learn about the intersections between reproductive health, family planning, population, climate change, and sustainability. The training will be held in Washington, DC from November 16-19th, and all expenses are paid for accepted participants.
Ten youth will be selected to attend as Sierra Club Global Population Fellows, and will receive up to $1000 after the summit to implement their own campaigns on campus around these linked issues. Please pass along the online application to any one else who may be interested in attending. 
Applications are due September 30th. 

Kim Lovell

Program Director

Sierra Club Global Population & Environment Program
50 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001
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One thought on “Training on Reproductive Health and the Environment

  1. Taking real good care of your body is really important. Especially if you are a woman thinking of having a child. You should watch what you eat,do, and even sometimes even your surroundings. It’s nice to see such seminars still exist to teach these neccessities or taking care of a life.

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