City of Tacoma- Sustainability Intern Position

Job Description:

The intern, along with a full-time AmeriCorps member, will conduct intensive outreach to educate and change sustainable behaviors in the Wapato Lake neighborhood, in South Tacoma. The intern, with assistance from the Wapato Lake Sustainability Management Team, will develop appropriate education materials, as well as conduct personal outreach through a variety of strategies, including door-to-door encounters. The members will keep detailed accounts of each interaction and follow up with the appropriate service or program provider. Additionally, the members will engage with existing community groups, including churches, and schools. The members will develop workshops and volunteer events from January to June of 2013. Door-to-door encounters, as well as volunteer events and workshops may occur at night and/or on weekends; members will be required to be available during such times.

The intern will engage citizens in a range of sustainability topics, including recycling, air quality, energy conservation, storm water prevention, and urban forestry. Through training from the Management Team staff, the intern will be able to promote and make connections to the multitude of existing programs offered by the various organizations. This coordinated delivery will increase synergy and effectiveness of all programs.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Under guidance of the Wapato Sustainability Management Team and alongside the AmeriCorps volunteer, the intern will:

  • Conduct door-to-door outreach to approximately 2000 households
  • Track encounters, follow up with appropriate agencies and circle back with residents
  • Develop outreach events, including speaking at community groups and forums and facilitating workshops
  • Collaborate with partnering agencies to develop neighborhood action days to include neighborhood cleanup, tree planting, rain garden installation, and porch light change out
  • Collaborate with local schools, and other community organizations to educate their students and members and recruit volunteers
  • Reach out to other organizations in the City that provide community services. Be knowledgeable about their programs (to refer to individuals) and look for opportunities to partner on projects or programs
  • Track progress and develop reports
  • Work alongside the steering committee to organize vendors and volunteers, as well as handle general logistics, at the 6th Annual Sustainability Expo held in early March.



Qualifications Required for this Position:

  • You must currently be enrolled in a college program to be eligible for this position
  • Must have a flexible schedule, including working days, nights and weekends
  • Comfortable talking with strangers and groups
  • Good with understanding and communicating a variety of sustainability topics
  • Excellent organization, including event and meeting planning and facilitation
  • Tracking data; report writing is required
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills
  • Marketing and sales skills desirable
  • Ability to work independently and on teams
  • Prioritize and see projects through to completion
  • Knowledge of sustainability issues required


Length of Internship:

October 10th 2012- July 13th 2013


15-19 hours/week



Additional Information:

Conditions of work will include office and computer work, as well as neighborhood “field work”. This will include ability to drive, take the bus, and walk door-to-door. Individuals must be able to lift 25 lbs.

Please send your cover letter and resume to Christina Zinkgraf at by Wednesday, September 26th at 5:00pm. Interviews will be held October 1st and 2nd.


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