Recyclemania- Week 1 and 2 totals are in!

So in case you haven’t heard, Recyclemania is currently happening here at PLU! Its kind of a big deal..

We have the results from week 1 and week 2 in. Drumroll please….

Week 1 was a great start to the contest. We recycled a total of 1,649 pounds, which was 65% percent of the total amount of waste material that left campus. Our goal is to recycle 70% of what leaves campus. We were almost there!

In week 2, we recycled much more material, but also took more waste to the landfill :(. We recycled a total of 11,608 pounds of waste items (holy crap that’s a lot, right??), but it only accounted for 58% of the total material that left campus. So, lets keep our eyes on the prize (both the contest, and the goal of 70%), and keep recycling materials that don’t need a one way ticket to the landfill.

Last week, we had the Wasteland showing in surPLUs. We had a good turnout, and are considering hosting a movie once a night in surPLUs. Post up if you are interested in seeing that idea get off the ground!

Next week, we will have more details on the sculpture contest, which I am personally pumped for. Until then, lets keep it more classy than trashy and recycle recycle recycle!


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