With the beginning of a new semester, comes a new challenge for the Sustainability Department: RecycleMania.

Here’s the lowdown:

The When: February 8th to March 31st

The Who (see what I did there?): PLU’s Sustainability Department along with over 600 universities across the United States and Canada

The Where: any place on campus you recycle (hint: there’s a TON)

The Why: a friendly competition to promote the importance of recycling on campus and developing sustainable lifestyles (Saving the Earth. nbd)

The What: The next 10 weeks will feature some show-stopping, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring events. Does that sound epic to you? Cuz it is.

  • Garbology: Each residence hall will have a hands-on tour through their trash. You’d be surprised to discover how much could have avoided a permanent trip to the landfill.
  • WasteLand: Come to SurPLUs on February 16th to see a film telling the story of the catadores, or garbage pickers, in the largest landfill in the world. More information will follow in the next blog entry (yes, this is a shameless plug).
  • Sculpture Contest: Think you’re the Picasso of Plastics? Prove it. Make your own sculpture out of PLU’s recyclable materials in the beginning of March.

The How: The fantastic employees in the Sustainability Department will be hard at work, collecting recycling from all of campus and weighing each material’s totals. We’ll add everything for each week and send our numbers to the ReycleMania coordinators to be compared with other schools. Let’s be awesome. And win!

What should YOU do to help?

Be classy, not trashy. Recycle stuff that can be.

Signing off for this week. Be sure you check back every week for more fun and exciting posts! (yep, another shameless plug)


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