Sustainability Committee Minutes from September 15th, 2011

1. Introductions
Committee members introduced themselves with their name and position.

2. The Role of the Sustainability Committee
What do we mean by sustainability? Although PLU does not adhere to a specific definition, emphasis to care for people, planet, and prosperity now and in the future, in the hopes of increasing the sustainability of our academic programs, our built environment, and our campus and community culture. (The PPP’s of the ABC’s). To some extent we are moving beyond defining the word and working to now define the project.
3. Announcements & Requests
Wendy shared some information on Dining services food mile project, vendor letters, and Meat Free Monday.
4. Election of Officers
Secretary- Stena Troyer and Romey Haberle
Treasurer- Ethan Manthey
5. Reports & Updates
Blomquist & Sustainability House – Chrissy
Students will be reciving keys to the new sustainability house upon the completion of their projects.
Sustainability in the Curriculum Workshop – Kevin
Getting sustainability into PLU’s curriculum.
Current Sustainability Fellows – Kevin, Brett, Caitlyn
Students are beginning their projects.
unplug –Chrissy
Increase the intentionality of the event. (You-tube videos!) Also, add a faculty component. Discussions next time on how to wrangle in faculty and staff by passing the baton from the student’s UnPLUg events taking place throughout October, to the faculty in November. Rieke challenge- improve recycling and hallway lights. Chrissy will be meeting and working with the cleaning staff to help make this happen.

6. Green Fees
Call for proposals (Nov. 1 Deadline)- Kevin
Ideas & Brainstorming
Conversation to add final touches to the proposal. Discussed creating an evaluation criteria—this may develop more as proposals are reviewed and as it becomes clear to the committee what would most benefit the strength of the proposals. Dave volunteered to be the go-to-guy for building related projects. A clean version of the proposal requirements will be available next week. Links to previous charters are also anticipated to be made available.

7. PLU 2020 & Presidential Search
Read over and discussed “A Diverse, Sustainable and Just Community” section in the PLU 2020 draft. Committee members expressed a desire to present it in a way that acknowledges current efforts being made and present it in a way that casts sustainability and diversity as an emerging priority all across campus. Forum in October.

—– Planning Calendar —–
October 13th: Climate Action Plan
Sustainability Committee Mission & Long-term goals
November 10th: Green Fees Decisions Finalized
December 8th: Begin fellows campaign for spring
February: Discussion Mission & Long-term goals of commitee
March: Earth Week
April: Fellow Selection
May: Elect Officers for next year.
Discuss Priorities and Goals for 2012-13

Committee Members:
Alyssa Henry, GREAN & Stuen Sustainability Director
Carolyn Hylander, Fellow
Caitlyn Jackson, Fellow
Ethan Manthey, GREAN
Anna Pfohl, RHA Sustainability Director
Brett Rousseau, Fellow
Stena Troyer, ASPLU Sustainability Director

Administration & Staff:
Rob (Robert) Audet, Grounds Manager
Joe Bell, Environmental Health & Safety
Barbara Conner, University Communications
Chrissy Cooley, Sustainability Manager
Carmen Eyssautier, Wang Center
Angie Hambrick, Diversity Center
Gretchen Howell, Human Resources/Commute Smart
Dave Kohler, Director, Facilities
Joe Kowalczyk, Residential Life
Wendy Robins, Dining Services
Sheri Tonn, VP Finance & Operations
Kelley Walker, Conference Services
Jessica Winer, Admissions

Romey Haberle, Biology
Susan Harmon, Business
Lauri McCloud, Sociology
Brian Naasz, Chemistry
Kevin O’Brien, Religion
Nathalie op de Beeck, English