surPLUs Grand Opening tomorrow!

Tomorrow, March 1st from 12-3, surPLUs will be hosting a Grand Opening, complete with a free lunch. The Opening is more than just another store opening though, it’s an event. The full 3 hours will be a Swap, where anything can bring any item that still has some use in it, lay it out on a table, and take something else. At no cost! surPLUs has desks, TV’s, office supplies, binders, books… anything!

Here more about surPLUs from the recent Mooring Mast article:

SurPLUs reopens at new location
Nick Neely
News Reporter

The circle of life applies not only to living things, but also to couches and binders. March 1 marks the grand reopening of the Pacific Lutheran surPLUs store, which gives new life to old things.

It is now located next to the Mail Warehouse, right in front of the facilities building and west of Morken.

The SurPLUs store is very much like a goodwill store. At the end of the year…


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