surPLUs Grand Opening tomorrow!

Tomorrow, March 1st from 12-3, surPLUs will be hosting a Grand Opening, complete with a free lunch. The Opening is more than just another store opening though, it’s an event. The full 3 hours will be a Swap, where anything can bring any item that still has some use in it, lay it out on a table, and take something else. At no cost! surPLUs has desks, TV’s, office supplies, binders, books… anything!

Here more about surPLUs from the recent Mooring Mast article:

SurPLUs reopens at new location
Nick Neely
News Reporter

The circle of life applies not only to living things, but also to couches and binders. March 1 marks the grand reopening of the Pacific Lutheran surPLUs store, which gives new life to old things.

It is now located next to the Mail Warehouse, right in front of the facilities building and west of Morken.

The SurPLUs store is very much like a goodwill store. At the end of the year…


PLU taps sustainable resources

The ASPLU unanimously passed Resolution 6 Tuesday, a resolution stopping all sales of bottled water at Pacific Lutheran University markets in hopes of making the Pacific Lutheran campus more sustainable. The halt on bottled water sales is accompanied by the installation of six to seven additional water refill stations throughout campus.

Retail sales in bottled water have been….

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Email from GREAN


Sorry to inundate you all with emails from GREAN, but this is really important. Tomorrow from 7:30 – 8:30 in the Scan. Center (lower UC) there will be a open forum about the ban of the sale of bottled water that is up for vote in the ASPLU Senate. I encourage everyone who can come to be there. We will be opening the floor for student comments and questions about the ban. Try to spread the word about it, even if you can’t come; the more people that show up, the more the ASPLU Senators will get an idea of how the student body feels about this.



GREAN has a new and improved website!

Also check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events.

Call to Action – Washington Legislative Agenda

From Cascadia Green Building Council:

HB 1735 | SB 5604 will directly fund local projects to clean up toxic runoff before it enters our water.

Toxic runoff is the number one water pollution problem in Washington. A small fee on toxic runoff pollutants, like oil, pesticides, herbicides, and other hazardous substances, would provide a polluters-pay approach to creating new clean water jobs in communities across Washington.

TAKE ACTION: Please call or email your state legislators to support the 2011 Clean Water Jobs Act

SB 5110 will establish a carpet stewardship program.

145,000 tons of carpet is disposed of every year in Washington. Most of it goes to landfills — less than three percent of it is ever recycled. This creates a significant burden on county landfills, and is hugely wasteful.

This bill will establish a carpet stewardship program, which would require carpet manufacturers to establish and pay for a system to collect, transport and recycle old carpet.

TAKE ACTION: Please call or email your State Senators today to support carpet stewardship.


SB 5300 would be a step backwards for the State in its support of high performance buildings.

SB 5300’s proponents frame it as a bill to support Washington state forestry. What it really does is express big industrial timber’s intense dislike for the LEED and FSC certification systems.

In 2005, the legislature passed the High Performance Building Law requiring publicly funded buildings to be built to LEED Silver or better. This 2011 bill would strip the LEED Silver or better requirement and replace it with a standard created and administered by the state that takes out the incentive to source FSC wood.

Like it or not, the High Performance Building Law already has a loophole for Washington sourced wood that was negotiated in 2005. SB 5300 also doesn’t recognize the potential risks to the state in the form of costs for developing and administering the new standard.

TAKE ACTION: Please call or email your State Senators today to oppose SB 5300.

HB 1388 would annul the current Washington energy code.

On Monday, a Federal Court upheld a challenge to the Washington energy code brought by the Building Industry Association of Washington. Now the protection of the code is in your hands.

Washington’s energy code, first enacted in the 1990’s and improved every three years, saves Washington residents $200 million every year in lower energy bills. HB 1388 would annul the current energy code, which would be a huge step backward for Washington’s economy and environment.

TAKE ACTION: Call or send an email urging your state house representative to oppose and vote No on HB 1388.

PLU now has a CSA pick up location!

Dear All,

Thank you for supporting Full Circle as a host site partner for our Farm-to-Table produce program. The Lutheran Church is now live on our website and ready to accept new members. The first possible delivery will be Tuesday Feb. 15th with pickup hours from 3pm – 7pm. If you have any unclaimed boxes past 7pm please email the member names to Last Chance pickup hours will be Wednesday until 2:00pm. If any boxes remain after this time please feel free to donate them as you see fit.

Please tell your friends/co-workers/family to visit our website at and look for your location in the pull-down menu for Pierce County. Please share with them the promo code CHICORY to receive $10 off their first order. Additionally, if you are member you will receive referral credits when someone joins using your name as their referral source.

In addition to our delicious vegetables and artisan groceries members will also enjoy recipes, storage tips, and our Good Food Life Blog – all available under Good Food & Recipes in the member login section.

Thank you again for your support of Full Circle! We’re certainly looking forward to working with all of you in upcoming events, sponsorships, and by providing better access to the good food life for people in the community. Please let me know if I can help with anything.

In Health,

Dave Hughes
Site Sales Associate
FULL CIRCLE | Live the good food life.
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