unPLUg results are in!!!

And the winners are….

1st Place – Pflueger cut their power usage by 21.9% from the past three year’s average!
2nd Place – Foss by 15.1%
3rd Place – Harstad by 13.8%

All 3 winning halls had requested water bottle refill stations to help Take Back the Tap in their halls. The new stations provide cool water to easily take a bottle to go. Look for those being installed before the holidays!

All together, residents who unPLUgged saved 93712 kilowatt hours, enough to power 94 homes for a year! Not to mention the $7,124 that can now fund the new water filling stations.

The other halls’ savings were nothing to sneeze at either:
Stuen came in 4th place with 13.4%
Tinglestad – 12.6%
Ordal – 10.7%
Hinderlie – 9.0%
Hong – 11.0%
Kreidler – 10.78%
South – 3.28%


2 thoughts on “unPLUg results are in!!!

  1. I was just looking at the results and noticed that Stuen’s savings (13.4%) were more than T-stads (12.6%) so why did they have fourth place?

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