Weekly Update

This Week:

I am continuing to mostly meet my time mark for shower length and stick to showering every other day. I still have not had a “perfect week” where I followed all of my guidelines exactly.

In the next few weeks I want to begin thinking less about the lifestyle project as a “challenge” or “personal competition”. In the beginning I was really caught up with meeting the 5:00 minute shower length. If my watch said 5:03 I thought, “Almost, maybe next time…”. I was forgetting the big picture which is to reduce my water use. The 5 minute mark only acts as a guideline to help me accomplish this goal. I have to remember that even when I go “overtime” I still use less water than before.

I know that realistically I will not time my showers for the rest of my life. If I associate this project only with meeting specific marks then I will not gain anything useful from this experience. Instead I need to focus on being aware of how much water I use and the impact it has on the environment. This awareness is what I can use throughout my life to be a more sustainable individual.

Have a great week.



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