Lifestyle Project from the Plastic Abyss

As a lifelong obnoxious green flag waver, undertaking a project that requires me to bare my unsustainable, plastic using, vulnerable underbelly is initially alarming. Phew, run-on sentence. But honestly, the more I thought about delving into my terrible habits, the more I felt…


Finally, no more beating the drum. No more hastily stashing non-reusable items and cowering at the garbage can retrieving carelessly disregarded recyclable. It’s nice to lower the professional facade and divulge my eco-dirty laundry. So, let’s talk about plastic baby!

Two deep seated issues lead to my apparently insatiable appetite for the polyethylene wonder (i.e. plastic grocery bags). When in stress, I cook. Huge vats of vegetable concoctions teaming with things like kale and turnips and leeks. Coupled with my love of experimental vegetablery, is the spontaneity in which these impulses arise. At least twice a week, come ten p.m, especially if it’s raining, out I run to the fine establishment of Saar’s Market for whatever odd shaped legume I can find. Which leads to my second sustainable flaw: I am a terrible, horrible, no good bag forgetter.

The kicker is that I own millions of reusable confections, woven in fair trade shops, branded with bank logos, borrowed (stolen) from friends and family, and of origins unknown. Millions. But as I dash for the door, dreaming of curried potatoes, squash mash, fried zucchini, I neglect to grab a single tote.

And good lord, vegetables purchasing can result in so many bags! Sequestering each leafy green adds up pretty quick.

So as my lifestyle project, I vow to take the moment, snag the bag and then hit the frantic mid-evening shop. Wish me luck!

So stay tuned to hear about produce juggling, awkward bag substitutes, and the addition of the fair trade, organic coffee challenge extravaganza! Next weeks update promises a rousing tale of fair trade/ no trade barrister brawls and the DTs.

Goal of the Week:
1. No bags, much glory
2. Ordering of fun, eco-friendly plastic bag alternatives
3. Not a drop of non fair-trade coffee to cross these lips

Be well,



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