Emma’s Shower Saga Continued…

So far I have really struggled with two things:
1. Turning off the water in between washing and rinsing (which I found out I usually have to do to meet the 5 minute time limit)
2. Lowering the water temperature
I realized that I struggle with both of these things because I get cold and find that uncomfortable. This past week I reasoned that I simply needed to re-define what “cold” was by associating it with a lower temperature. In order to do this last Sunday I attempted to take a shower with the dial completely pointing at the “C”. I figured that in the future whenever I felt cold I would think back to that SUPER painfully cold experience and be grateful for the situation I was currently in.

I had the best of intentions to follow through with this plan. However, I did not get any farther with it than standing with the water off staring at the shower head imagining the onset of pain. I ended up telling myself that if I strictly followed my lifestyle changes I would not have to go through with the “ice shower”. That morning I used 2.5 minutes of water.

Since then I tell myself each morning I can either shower by following my lifestyle changes or experience the “ice shower”. The result of “choosing” from these two options has been pretty good. I have been meeting my 5 minute time goal and complain less. I know it is all mental, but I honestly feel better adhering to my lifestyle changes when thinking “At least I am not as cold as I would be with the alternative…” By refocusing on a potential “less comfortable” option, I think less about my past “very comfortable” option for water use.

It will be interesting to see how long this mindset change lasts…

Before I go I do have to say that I had a slip up this week. For lack of better words I “fell asleep” in the shower. It was early, I was tired, and before the shampoo reached my head my time limit was almost up. I guess the lesson is that in order to be environmentally sustainable one must be personally sustainable by taking time to rest and rejuvenate. Good luck doing that in college though…

Till next week,


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