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Hey everybody,

I know this may be very sad to you, but I am calling off the GREAN meeting this Monday. There is a panel about Privilege going on at the same time (the one this week is about Marriage) and I think it is important to attend that. So, I will be going to that, and any of you are welcome as well! 7pm in the lower UC, the room that is right near the Clubhouse I believe. Otherwise, take it as a free night to do whatever: homework, laundry, nap, etc 🙂

Oh, I have some bad news: for those of you that have come to the past few meetings, we are not going to be able to hold a Clean Energy Forum through Focus the Nation at PLU. Apparently there was a deadline in early Oct. However, I have been in contact with a girl at UPS, and we can help them with theirs! So that could definitely work.

As for One Less Cup, I will count how many we have sold so far and we can table next week? We should talk about if the location was good, if we want to sell in other places and other times, etc. We have done very well so far, I have seen the mugs everywhere! Go Team!

Here is something fun to watch:
Luke Stromberg sent it to me, and it definitely relates to our Take Back the Tap/One Less Cup goals!!

Have a fabulous week,
Marta Behling

GREAN has a new and improved website!

Also check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events.


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