Kenny’s Sustainabilty Challenges

Hi everyone!

This is Kenny. I have two sustainability challenges this month. The first is to turn the water off between soap and rinse cycles while showering. I thought this would be really tough, but it has been a lot easier/more enjoyable than I was expecting. I like to sleep and eat more than I like to shower, so any time that I can save while getting ready is appreciated. This method of showering certainly saves time. I’m curious to see how long the water is actually running. I thought that I would get cold when the water is off, but it’s not so bad. It forces me to hurry and “shower with a purpose.” Plus, the best part of a shower is arguably the first time the warm water hits your skin. Now I get to experience that sensation twice! My short hair makes it easy, but don’t forget to rinse all of the shampoo out of your hair *cough* Emma S. 😉

My other challenge is to make waste-free purchases from the Old Main Market and other similar locations on campus. This can be hard to define, though, because it’s hard to tell if recyclables fall into the waste category or not. Coffee and tea are easy thanks to my “One Less Cup” mug. (Get one for $2 from 4:30-7pm in the UC Dining area on Thurs. 11/4 and Fri., 11/5)! I have no problem drinking water throughout the day in a reusable bottle. However, sometimes I want something more flavorful. I’ve been trying to take advantage of more beverage options during dining hours. I really don’t have a Mountain Dew obsession, contrary to claims from some Sustainability Office members ;). However, it is one of my top choices when I know that I need to stay up late. I will admit that I have bought one Mountain Dew Code Red since the challenge started last week. While I’m definitely trying to cut back on anything with packaging, it is not as bad since it can be recycled. It’s also tough to resist some snacks at times, but I have enough stashed in my room anyway. I will need to get peanut butter and milk soon, but those are essential to my diet and luckily they come in recyclable containers. I can tell that this challenge will save me some money on unneccessary purchases. Hopefully, it will also make me better at planning ahead in terms of packing snacks that I already have. I’m definitely enjoying learning from this experience!

Until next week,



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