Emma K.’s Lifestyle Change Commitments

Challenge: Make a sustainable change to your everyday lifestyle
Personal Goal:
1) Turn off the water while washing dishes, except to rinse
2) Shorten shower time to 5 minutes, either by take a short but continuous shower or turning off the water incrementally between lathering and rinsing
And when possible, 3) Making solo trips to the grocery store by bike not car

As of week one, I would say I have been 50% successful in achieving my first two goals. I chose not to take colder showers, because I am a bit too attached to my warm showers, to be completely honest. I also find the challenge in timing my shower is actually setting a timer to time myself. A bit ridiculous, I know, but it goes to show that even small changes take time and effort that when a stressful week hits falls by the way side.
With washing dishes I have been thinking of ways that I might make it easier to conserve water – for instance, investing in a plastic dish tub of some sort that can be fill with soapy water for dishes to soak in, thus eliminating the water that I just let run down the drain while I soap up my dishes. It’s obvious to me now that the changes I chose to make may take a bit more forward thinking in order to be successful. Until next week! 🙂


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