Chrissy’s Bus Pledge

Chrissy here. My goal was to ride the bus to work at least 3 out of 5 days a week. And today being the first day, I’m glad I only pledged 3.

I started last week by looking up the route to campus from my house. My first impressions of riding Pierce Transit to work is that their website is absolutely fabulous. It might not look too pretty, but has such an easy Trip Planning tool that I had no problems immediately knowing the best route, and exactly how much it would cost.

There are major benefits to riding to work, and I have some tools in my pocket that help me out, too. First, I have a great phone so I can keep myself busy. I can read on the bus, answer emails, essentially start my day that much earlier. Secondly, I own a bike, so on nicer days I can cut down on some of the bus time with faster bike time. Third, as a PLU employee, I have an ORCA card as a benefit. This is amazing! Even when it isn’t saving me money, it is super convenient to not have to worry about carrying change around.

The downside to riding the bus is that it takes me an entire half hour longer to complete my commute. I am an MBA student by night, and the extra half hour on each end of my work day sounds a bit daunting.

I live 7 miles from campus. I usually drive to and from work in my Prius, and occasionally drive to get lunch as well. So this challenge for me is more about just riding the bus, I also need to commit to packing lunch, and to scheduling my meeting a little better so that I clump all the ones off campus on one day.

This morning was the day after Halloween, and supposed to be my first day on the bus. However, I slept in and missed the bus. I wouldn’t have been able to ride any later that 5:27 am, and still get to my first day as the new manager for recycling right on time at 6:45. So I chose to use one of my free days right off the bat. I could have done better if I had packed a lunch the night before, and done other things to make sure I had less to do in the morning. (example, set out my clothes, feed the cats, etc)

But now I know! Tomorrow I will be good and ready at 5:20 to walk the less than .1 miles to the bus stop and ride right in.


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