The Sustainability Office Challenge

The Office of Sustainability is walking the walk for the next month, challenging ourselves to commit to at least one change in our behavior relating to sustainability. We know that it is hard to break habits, so instead of just telling you that it’s important to try, we are showing you that it is. Over the next month or so, look for blog posts relating to this challenge; all the participants will be blogging about their experiences with trying to be more sustainable.

Sustainability Manager, Chrissy Cooley – pledges to ride the bus 3 out of 5 days to work.

The Sustainability Fellows:
Emma Struss – pledges to take 5 minute showers, and to wash dishes immediately so they take less water to clean.
Mackenzie Sehlke – pledges to ban plastic bags from her life, as well as drink only fair trade coffee and teas.

Office members:
Siri Johnson – pledges to produce zero trash
Emma Kane – pledges to bike more, take shorter showers, and turn off water while doing the dishes.

Sustainability Office Allies:
Lee Palosh – pledges to turn off the water in her shower between soap and rinse cycles
Kenny Stancil – pledges to turn off the water between soap and rinse cycles while showering and to make waste-free purchases from the market
It may be tough, we might find some things are easier than what we thought, but regardless, we are looking forward to at least trying. We’ll discover new things along the way, and we’ll keep you posted!


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