Nobody’s perfect!

My challenge this month is to reduce the trash I produce by not consuming food that comes in packaging that cannot be recycled or reused. Since I started last Wednesday, it has been pretty difficult to accomplish this. I don’t think we realize how much of the food we eat comes wrapped in plastic… over the past few days this has become very evident to me, especially because I live on campus and have to depend on the UC to provide me with my food. My record is not perfect, I have definitely broken my new rule a couple times, but I am legitimately trying! I think the main problem is having enough time to dedicate to eating in the commons rather than grabbing something in the marketplace, so hopefully over the course of the next couple of weeks I will become better at time management. The good thing about this challenge is that it drastically reduces the amount of crappy food I eat; if I can’t eat things in weird plastic/foil bags, junk food is virtually off my menu.

I’ll be updating you all in a week or so, hopefully I will get better at living more sustainably by then :/

Until then!


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