First Sustainability Committee Meeting of the Year – minutes

Sustainability Committee – September 13, 2010


  • Joe Bell
  • Emily Branch
  • Chrissy Cooley
  • Romey Haberle
  • Susan Harmon
  • Alysa Henry
  • Kjirsten Kennedy
  • Dave Kohler
  • Kristen Labs
  • Kevin O’Brien
  • Nicole Scheer
  • Marion Sharp
  • Kenny Stancil
  • Josh Stromberg

I. Announcements

A. Amy Young’s PR Class will be conducting a project working to identify the personality of Sustainability at PLU. Members of the committee should expect to be contacted for an interview.

B. The PLU 2020 Forums on November 10 (11.15-1.15) and November 11 (3.40-5.40 pm) should include opportunities to talk about the role of sustainability in the long-range plan.  Hopefully we can have members of the committee at both.

C. unPLUg is Oct. 1- Nov. 30th

-Get baseline energy consumption #’s to halls, Sustainability Directors

-We need to think about how something like this could translate to academic buildings.             -Nicole suggested the precedent of the “Green Office Honor System Checklist.”

– The Live Green Pledge needs to be put into Google forms on the website

D. Susan reported that TacomaACTS has requested to collaborate with the Business School.  She will keep us posted.

II. Take Back the Tap/One Less Mug

Nalgenes coming – Kenny has talked to Linda Nylan about stocking the TBTT bottles in Old Main Market next to the disposable water bottles as promotion.

One Less Cup will roll out in January

More fill stations are needed on campus, especially in Olson

Committee would be interested in contributing to a Wang symposium on water to build on these campaigns.  The Wang Center is still talking about the topic for its next symposium.

We will continue to be sure to include the pledge with every event at which bottles and mugs are sold.

III. Fellows

A. Josh/Bike Coop

Hired manager

Open hours Tues and Friday, Classes once a month

Lute Loop for Bikes September 24th

Have a compressor

Seattle Bike Supply acct. is up

B. Mackenzie

Rain Garden in the Bioswale region near Neeb

C. Emma

Bus Ridership project has not started yet

Landscaping on campus

Neeb Meadow has been mowed, looking into re-landscaping

Biology Labs have adopted space near MBR

This topic needs to be placed as a future agenda item for more discussion.


The committee elected two officers:

Secretary – Brian Naasz

Treasurer – Student for Student Green Fee – Kenny Stancil

EnergyStar/EPEAT – Temp Set Policy Endorsements

The committee endorsed both policies presented by Dave & Chrissy.

Kevin will write a letter communicating these endorsements to Dr. Tonn.

Summarizing PLU’s Sustainability Commitments

A subcommittee was formed to gather and present the key information about PLU’s sustainability commitments into a single document we could use to spread the word about where the campus is headed.

Kjirsten, Susan, Chrissy, Nicole, and Romey volunteered to work together on this.

They will present a draft at our Nov. Meeting

Sustainability in Curriculum

The committee began a discussion about what it would take to ensure that every student’s educational experience at PLU includes sustainability, as stipulated in our existing ACUPCC & STARS commitments.


Sakai training so that courses can go paperless?

Sustainability incorporated into required courses such as Writing 101s or 190s?

More ways to make study away students aware of their carbon footprints?  Possibility of including carbon offsets in travel fees?

Incorporate sustainability-related service learning into more classes?

Dr. Bill Teska is working on a grant to the Department of Education focused on Environmental & Social Sustainability at PLU.  The committee will be named as helping to conduct workshops on sustainability for teaching faculty.  Kevin will continue to be in touch with Bill about this.


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