TacomaACTS is looking for a part time (currently un-paid) intern

TacomaACTS is a sustainability initiative facilitated by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber.  The program, currently finishing its pilot year, engages businesses who are using a Carbon Footprint Calculator to measure their environmental impact. TacomaACTS also engages the community through educational outreach, technical services, and advocacy to grow a sustainable economy in Pierce County. An intern is needed for 10-15/week for 3-6 months. The position will be unpaid and located in downtown Tacoma at the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber.

Intern tasks include but are not limited to:

–          Assist businesses on their carbon footprint and recommendation reports

–          Help coordinate educational/outreach series

–          Format and publish the TacomaACTS Alliance newsletter for electronic distribution

–          Update TacomaACTS website with research, news, events and resources.

The successful applicant will be professional, creative, dependable, and have a genuine interest in sustainable development and the role of businesses. The applicant will also have the ability to perform in a work environment with intermittent supervision.  Experience in WordPress and Microsoft Excel is preferred. This intern position is currently un-paid.

What you can get from this position:

–          Experience on applying the triple bottom line to businesses in Pierce County.

–          Networking opportunities

–          How to use a carbon footprint calculator

–          Desk with computer, phone, and a flexible working schedule

Please send your resume, cover letter and a short writing/project sample to the below contact by Oct 10, 2010. Email is preferred.

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber

Attn: Stephanie Gowing

PO Box 1933

Tacoma, WA 98503



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