New Lighting in Harstad

One of our big summer projects, and also a long term project across campus is to upgrade the lighting in multiple buildings across campus with brighter, more energy efficient lighting.  Our first opportunity was to re-lamp Harstad residential hall.  As it currently stands, Harstad contains 780 fluorescent lamps, all of which would be retrofitted with improved fixtures. The current lighting system in the hall contains a Magnetic Ballast and T12 lamps.  Combined, the current system produces 34 watts per or a total of 26,520 watts.
The new retrofit calls for a complete rework of the entire system. The new system will be comprised of Electronic ballasts and T8 size lamps which produce a total of 20 watts per system, or a total of 15,600 watts. All in all, our total wattage saved will be 14 watts per system or a total of 10,920 watts.
If these lights are being used just 12 hours a day (and it is surely more than that), that’s 131 kWh a day.  That’s $2,343.65 a year in electric savings!  This kind of savings is the equivalent of taking 3 homes off the grid.

Next on the list: Memorial Gym, and Stuen & Hong Halls.


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