Top Ways to Pick up a “natural” date

Here are some great “sustainable” pick up lines we`ve come up with in our office! If you think of some you want to add, put them in a comment!!

“Would you like to see my rain barrel?”
“You look LEED Certified for FUN!”
“I like the way you compost!”
“What time is it according to your sundial?”
“You`re hotter than a solar panel in Death Valley!”
“Is that a compact fluorescent lightbulb in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
“Let’s biodiversify!”
“Move a little closer and we`ll qualify for the carpool lane!”
“Do you have greenhouse gas? ‘Cause you just blew me away!”
“You`re so hot, you could burn a hole in my ozone layer!”
“Forget carbon, you`re the reason my world’s heating up!”

Which one is your favorite?! Add some!!


4 thoughts on “Top Ways to Pick up a “natural” date

  1. Here are some that were added via Facebook!

    You’re hotter than the exothermal reaction in a compost pile!
    you shine so much like the sun, it could heat my passive solar!

    Thanks, Courtney Bailey!

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