I received this wonderful news via email this morning, and I thought I would pass it along.  If you know of any and all sustainability projects that could use a little nudge in Tacoma, check this out!

Dear Sustainability Advocate,

I am a member of the Sustainable Tacoma Commission, a citizen commission appointed by the Tacoma City Council to bring citizen accountability, transparency and vigilance to the long-term implementation of Tacoma’s Climate Action Plan. With the City’s Sustainability Manager, we are looking for ways to advocate for the development, exchange and practice of sustainable ideas and actions. To this effect, the Commission, through the City of Tacoma Office of Sustainability, is looking to collaborate with other organizations and agencies to educate and engage citizens through events, materials, and campaigns.

If you are thinking about or planning any sustainability related activities and would like to coordinate, please contact me or the Office of Sustainability sustainability@cityoftacoma.org We can support sponsorship opportunities in the form of fiscal assistance (monetary or material goods), media coverage through our website calendar and listserve or in-kind services. We are also excited about the possibility of working with community members to jointly plan and develop sustainability events.

You can find more information on Tacoma’s Office of Sustainability website, http://www.cityoftacoma.org/Page.aspx?hid=14609


Jane Moore

Jane A Moore, MD

Executive Director

Washington Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity




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