Full Circle Farm

McGregor’s Discount Natural & Organic Foods (8431 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA 98444; Phone: (253) 267-5497; Fax (253) 267-5518; e-mail: rrmcgregor4@msn.com) is now a drop off site for Full Circle Farm (http://www.fullcirclefarm.com/index.html), a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in Seattle. McGregor’s is located on Pacific Ave. and 84th St., an easy 5 minute drive  or 10-15 minute bike ride for PLU students. On the Full Circle Farm website, you can sign up for weekly or every other week produce delivery options. They’re flexible as well- call them up if you can’t eat quite enough food for every other week, and they’ll only deliver it every third week or whatever you need. A standard order size (a box of produce) costs $31, and a family order size (a larger box of produce) costs $40. Orders are delivered to McGregor’s every Tuesday. Full Circle Farms delivers produce to McGregor’s throughout the year, so you can eat local, organic, good-for-the-earth, good-for-you food throughout the year, especially if you’re an off-campus student going to PLU, and don’t use PLU’s meal plan.

Here’s an ad for Full Circle Farms I was given: “Live the Good Food Life. Celebrate. Grow. Organic. Friends. Local. Nature. Heritage. Healthy. Share. Value. Community. Family. Artisan. Farm. Gather. Cook. Fresh. Flavor. Delicious. Enjoy. Feast. Fresh and Delicious: The Full Circle program is a direct connection to farm fresh food. We grow and source the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables and partner with local artisan food producers. Count on the best in quality and taste every time! Live the Good Food Life. Regular Full Circle delivery is made to your home or a convenient community pick-up site. Orders are hand selected with care, and produce quality is backed with a guarantee to meet your standards. Give Full Circle a Try! Fully customizable orders. Flexible order sizes and frequency. Easy online account management. And peace of mind in supporting local sustainable food production! Learn More and Sign-Up: FullCircleFarm.com; 866.EAT.WELL. For $15 off your first order, use code: PIERCE2010.”

If you don’t mind more of a commute and a more serious commitment, there are several other CSA’s in the Tacoma area, including Terry’s Berries (http://www.terrysberries.com/) and Zestful Gardens (http://www.zestfulgardens.org/index.html).

If you live off campus, don’t forget to get a composting bin from Wendy Robbins at Dining Services! And instead of delivering the compost to the UC (which you can still do if you want to), PLU’s community garden is looking for more compost, so empty your bins there! There are work parties at the community garden throughout the summer on Saturdays from noon to 2pm.

Also, PLU is helping put on Fresh Fridays in the parking lot across from Reyna’s restaurant on Garfield street every Friday from 3-6pm, selling plant starters (depending on the week, may include tomatoes, squash, lettuce, bell peppers, etc.), as well as beautiful flowers and other plants for your garden.

Don’t forget to check out the PLU fruit festival (http://www.plu.edu/~summer/calendar-schedule/important-dates.html). Their next event is the strawberry festival this Wednesday at Red Square from 11:30am to 1pm. The Fort Lewis Army Rock Band will be performing.

Yaay for local, organic food! Yaay for the earth!


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