Bike Ride Tuesday, the 27th

Hey Everyone!

We are going to have our first night ride on Tuesday!!!

*Take a break from studying and get some fresh air!
*Learn about upcoming bike races and events around the area!
I will also be giving out (homemade) bike logs for those wanting to track their mileage!

Meet at the Bike Co-op (backside of Harstad…bright “Bike Co-op” sign, ya can’t miss!) at 6pm.

Bring your own bike, or be one of the first people there and use a co-op bike (be prepared to sign a “I will not sue PLU for millions” agreement)! Exact route is undecided, but we will keep it relatively short (half hour) to see how people are feeling, more experienced bikers can continue on!

RAIN OR SHINE!! (it’s awesome biking in the rain…just sayin!…)

Bring a friend and bring a helmet! Safety first kids!

Hope to see you there!! Email me (Katie Choate) at or text me (503-298-8358) if you have any questions!


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