4/13/10 Sustainability Committee Minutes

Attendees:Emma Struss, Mary Roberts, Jihan Grettenberger, Christine Cooley, Emily McCann, and Melina Maltese

Update from Last Meeting:
– Purchased Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers
– Next week is Earth Week ( April 18th – 24th)

Bike Coop:
– Fire Department sold helmets and educated public
– Story in “This Week at PLU” http://www.plu.edu/experience/2010-04/bike-co-op/home.php
– Individuals can earn a bike by volunteering in PLU community

Greening Up Orientation:
– Possibility of having a booth during orientation
– During Passport weekend, there were prospective students who chose PLU due to our sustainability initiatives

Fellowship Update:
– Still looking for final Fellow

The Future of Sustainability:
– Review of leadership positions
– Chair
– Vice Chair
– Treasurer
– Personal Development
– Secretary
– Set expectations of what is expected of the committee and members along with what we want to get out of Sustainability
– Try to include members of most Departments
– Increase student representatives
– Bring in new perspectives by increasing student involvement
– Possibly speak at University House to increase communication and networking for Sustainability
– Nominate people who would be a good addition to the Sustainability Comittee
– Make announcements at orientation at the beginning of the year: First Year Students, Staff, Transfer students, Faculty and Emerging Leaders Orientations.
– By introducing Sustainability during Faculty Orientation, potential to get new faculty a part of Sustainability
– Introduce more educational talks during meetings about current sustainability efforts outside of campus

Next Meeting:
– Formalize meetings
– Nominate future committee members
– Delegate orientation responsibilities (ie tabiling)
– Review of nomination letter
– Edit future Sustainability role descriptions


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