Last Sustainability Committee Meeting minutes

Sustainability Committee

Attendees: Joe Bell, Barbara Clements, Wendy Robins, Chrissy Cooley, Brian Naasz, Marion Sharp, Andrew Ratzke, Emma Straus, Allysa Henry, Kenny Stancil, Melina Maltese, Dave Kohler
Special guest Kevin Butler from CED to demo Dyson Hand Dryers

This was the first working group of the spring semester meetings and we are experimenting with a new meeting format. Every first Wednesday of the month will be a short half hour update and networking meeting, and every second Monday will be an expanded hour and a half working meeting.

1. TruRecyle is tentatively scheduled for Earth Week
2. The South Sound Sustainability Summit and Expo is March 12th and 13th on campus. Volunteers are needed, advertising is main priority now
3. A Temperature Set Point Policy is circulating in draft form now. This committee’s input is needed to more forward.
4. surPLUs will have regular hours in Spring Semester. Tuesday and Thursday 11-3. Please help spread the word!
5. The Rain Barrel Charter has been submitted for review.

Dyson Airblade hand dryers
1. In this region, the small amount of energy that a hand dryer uses is less than the energy wasted by the transportation, storage and maintenance of paper towels and their fixtures
2. The committee had the chance to test the hand dryers proposed for the student green fee
a. There is enough money for 5 hand dryers
b. The UC was chosen for its high student visibility and high traffic area
3. Still need to decide exactly where

Greening up New Student Orientation
1.The sustainability committee agrees that addressing sustainability as part of every new PLU community member’s orientation is vital to introducing the seriousness of the cause, and the necessity to participate.
2. Allison brought up a good question for thought -Orientation is the vehicle for spreading the sustainability message, but what is the message?
3. There are 4 types of new member orientations we discussed:
a. New Student Fall Orientation (September 2-6)
i. Formal orientation
1. First Day 9am Orientation Headquarters open – we could have a booth
2. Welcome Packet could be digital, or something else to reduce paper
3. Campus Tours could include green tours
4. The New Student picnic could be a zero-waste meal
5. Lute Follies could have a sustainability skit
6. Second day- Signage in the morning
7. Lute Lunch is not currently zero-waste
8. Monday- Campus Involvement Fair needs a booth
ii. Resident Orientations (RA training Aug. 29 –Sept. 1, wing events, SIL – Aug. 25-27, etc)
1. Need to be involved in these trainings
2. Hall wing meetings
3. Sustainability Directors will have already been voted in by this time
b. Transfer Student Orientation
c. Staff Orientation (quarterly)
i. Need to contact Human Recourses
d. Faculty Orientation (as necessary)
i. Need to contact Sam Torvend


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