Ideas for change at PLU from Sustainability Summit 3/12

Social and Environmental Justice
• Need more off-campus student outreach. PLU provides on-campus students opportunities to be more sustainable, but does not necessarily educate students about what is being done so when students move off-campus, they lack resources. Including recycling, composting, energy efficient light bulbs, and aerators.
o Students can use compost bins from the UC for own personal houses.
• Reach out to our community. Potential environmental education opportunities at nearby middle schools and high schools?
• PLU works with vendors for in-season and local foods. Label where the food comes from?
• “Farmers Market” on campus with student bringing in their extra produce to sell. Also, educate students about the farmers markets and local farms in the area.
o UPS has started this
• Ways to reduce
o Irrigation
o Gray water
• Education
• Add meters in bathrooms- students will then be aware about the quantity of water used
• Alternative forms
• Most emission from scope 3 carbon come from Transportation
• PLU needs a new system
o Raise parking price to subsidize bus pass
o Charge faculty to park?
o PLU subsidizes passed for commuters, but not for all students
• Check out ORCA card options
o UW Tacoma has a u-pass system
o Reasons for not riding the bus: time, inconvenience, comfort, social environment, price
• June 1st we will have 2 flex cars available
Solid Waste
• 4 R’s.
o Rethink our actions
o Recycling is not the first priority
o Set goals and standards
Energy Efficiency
• In half full classes, turn off half the lights
Service Learning
• Want to expand, but needs personnel
• Organize a fair to connect people


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