RecycleMania Week 8!

Can you believe it? We are already 80% of the way done with our competition! Lutes, we are really doing a great job, and it seems that the garbage in the recycling gets less and less each week!

Here are the results:

Plastic-22.00 pounds
OCC-18.00 pounds
Mixed Paper-21.00 pounds
Cans-3.50 pounds
Glass-16.50 pounds
Total=224.50 pounds
PLU Total=224.50

Plastic-23.50 pounds
OCC-17.50 pounds
Mixed Paper-47.00 pounds
Cans-5.00 pounds
Glass-25.50 pounds
Total=118.50 pounds
PLU Total=118.50

Plastic-31.00 pounds
OCC-15.00 pounds
Mixed Paper-58.50 pounds
Cans-3.50 pounds
Glass-29.50 pounds
Total=137.50 pounds
Garbage-0.0 pounds
PLU Total=137.50 pounds

Total of all 3=337.00 pounds

Only two weeks left! Make ’em count!


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