GREAN email

Good Evening!

Tomorrow we will be meeting in the classroom on the 2nd floor of Hong from 7-9pm to watch the movie “Dirt!”. A few members at the last meeting volunteered to lead a discussion on Thursday 3/18 at an event hosted by MediaLab in Ingram 100. So at tomorrow’s meeting we will watch the movie and come up with a few questions for them to lead a discussion about promoting sustainability. Feel free to bring movie snacks!

More info about the movie:

“Thursday March 18, MediaLab in conjunction with Independent Television Service (ITVS) and PBS will screen “Dirt! The Movie.” The film explores many modern practices, like industrial farming, mining and urban development, that harm our soils and have contributed to droughts, starvation, and climate change. The screening is open to the public but the audience will mainly be PLU students. As far as the discussion goes, it’s pretty open ended. After the film, we would like to have them talk and pose questions to the audience for 10-15 minutes.

See you tomorrow,

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