RecycleMania Week 7

Lutes! I have some bad news! Our weight of recycling TOTAL around campus did not increase for the first time during this whole competition!
That means:
a. people are using less, and therefore recycling less.
b. people are throwing more away.

I really hope it`s choice a!

Here are the results from this week.

Plastic-66.50 pounds
OCC-48.00 pounds
Mixed Paper-63.50 pounds
Cans-9.00 pounds
Glass-34.00 pounds
Total=224.50 pounds
PLU Total=224.00

Plastic-32.50 pounds
OCC-31.50 pounds
Mixed Paper-49.00 pounds
Cans-4.50 pounds
Glass-35.00 pounds
Total=152.50 pounds
PLU Total=148.50

Plastic-32.50 pounds
OCC-33.50 pounds
Mixed Paper-32.00 pounds
Cans-7.00 pounds
Glass-16.00 pounds
Total=121.00 pounds
Garbage-3.50 pounds
PLU Total=117.50 pounds

Total of all 3=498.00 pounds

There are only 3 weeks left, so make sure to get your recycling in the cans before it`s too late!


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