unPLUg Brack 2 – the Results are in!

Lutes, you should be proud. In the month of February alone, 126,640 kilowatt hours were saved as compared to last year. That’s enough to power 126 homes! So PLU alone just canceled out the carbon footprint of 126 homes in Parkland. Wow. Not to mention, that saved the school $4,293.14, even despite a 7% rate increase!

So here are the results:

Tinglestad saved 48,000 kwh, and $1,717.84, 24% per resident.
Ordal saved 3,328 kwh and $78.71, 14.7% per resident


Hong saved 104 kwh and $39.42, 5% per resident
Pfleuger saved 21,600 kwh and $752.60, 17.3% per resident


consolation bracket:
Stuen saved 1,792 kwh and $42.37, 16% per resident
Foss saved 43,200 kwh and $1,340.68, 29.2% per resident
Hinderlie saved 1,586 kwh and $67.13, 4.8% per resident
Harstad saved 7,040 kwh, and $254.39, 6% per resident


So now we are down to the final bracket. In April, Earth Month, Tinglestad and Pflueger will be facing off head to head for the final grand prize of another $500.

There will also be another consolation bracket for all the other halls for the final chance to win unPLUg!


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