Study Shows Bottled Water Has More Bacteria (Bad!) but Less Fluoride (Even Worse!) Than Tap Water

You Better Get the Kids on Heavy Metal Supplements, “Researcher” Says

People who buy bottled water for its perceived purity may not be getting what they’re paying for. They’re most likely not getting adequate fluoride either, according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Ohio State University.

In a study published in the March issue of the “Archives of Family Medicine,” a journal of the American Medical Association, researchers compared the bacterial content and fluoride levels of 57 samples of bottled water with tap water from each of Cleveland’s four water treatment plants.

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Reading this, what do you think of PLU moving away from bottled water? Especially with the work of Take Back the Tap, where nalgenes are $1, and gooseneck faucets are everywhere to make them easy to fill. It sort of makes that $1.75 bottled water look less and less attractive.


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