RecycleMania Week 6!

Week 6 is over already, Lutes! Can you believe it?

Plastic-53.50 pounds
OCC-52.50 pounds
Mixed Paper-57.50 pounds
Cans-10.00 pounds
Glass-34.00 pounds
Total=187.50 pounds
PLU Total=186.00

Plastic-31.50 pounds
OCC-31.50 pounds
Mixed Paper-72.00 pounds
Cans-15.50 pounds
Glass-43.00 pounds
Total=193.50 pounds
PLU Total=182.50

Plastic-56.50 pounds
OCC-36.00 pounds
Mixed Paper-62.00 pounds
Cans-5.00 pounds
Glass-46.50 pounds
Total=206.00 pounds
Garbage-0.00 pounds
PLU Total=206.00 pounds

Total of all 3=587.00 pounds


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