Fellowship Applications are due by March 17th!

The 2009 fellowships were a tremendous success. Coming to PLU in June, I can say that the student work I saw was what impressed me most about PLU. Enough to take the job and move 3,000 miles away from my family and husband to a school of 3,600 students.

There were three fellowships in 2009. Two were sponsored by the Office of the Provost, and one by Mithun specifically for land issues. What would you do if you were given the chance to change any one thing at PLU? What could you make better? What kind of pollutants, waste or carbon would you spare the environment? You could do anything.

Two students shared a fellowship to research ways in which Admissions could green up their operations. The examined paper reduction, visited other schools to see what they were doing and finally came up with a plan to cut down waste in the office. On top of all that, they also promoted green transportation in a special week.

Another had the chance to research Dining’s composting efforts, and suggest ways to improve them.

Still another began to examine PLU’s problems with invasive Blackberry bushes. He derived a plan to turn the area around the UC into a fully restored native habitat. Such a place would be free of pesky invasives, and provide a space on campus for outdoor learning. The Parkland community could enjoy this space as well, and all of PLU would be better for restoring it together. Work parties are ongoing to this day, and a grant was even secured for native plants!

All of these fellowships have left their mark at PLU, and you could lead the next one! These are paid fellowships, with built in advising and funding for your dream project. If you want more info, or to download the application, please visit http://plu.edu/sustainability/How-can-I-be-involved/home.php and check out “Fellowships”


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