Looking for a job after graduation? Check out the Pierce Conservation District!

Pierce Conservation District
Job Description for
Stream Team Technician 1

The position of Stream Team Technician 1 exists to provide primary support to the Pierce Stream Team Program and secondary support to the Pierce Conservation District in general. The person hired for this position is directly responsible to the District Board of Supervisors under the direction and guidance of the Stream Team Coordinator and District Property Manager. This is expected to be a full-time position (40 hrs/week) with commensurate benefits. Pay begins at $16.14/hour.

The primary responsibility of the Stream Team Technician is to work directly with the Stream Team Coordinator to support the Stream Team missions of environmental education, outreach, and habitat enhancement. This position will also assist with the maintenance of District facilities and equipment as time allows.

This person shall become knowledgeable of work tasks and perform them under the direction and guidance of the Stream Team Coordinator and District Property Manager. Duties include the following:

Stream Team
A. Assist with planting projects, including site prep, installation, and post-installation tasks.
B. Clean and maintain water quality monitoring kits, including kit pick-up and drop-off for volunteers.
C. Supervise seasonal interns or temporary hires as needed.
D. Assist with revegetation monitoring and related maintenance as needed.
E. Assist with annual macroinverterbrate sampling effort.
F. Assist with the coordination and implementation of outreach efforts at community and regional events (e.g. Puyallup Fair).
G. Assist with stormdrain marking and rain garden events.
H. Assist with South Prairie Creek knotweed grant.
I. Assist with data collection for a variety of monitoring projects.
J. Assist in the preparation and presentation of informational talks and workshops, as well as development of education and outreach materials.
K. Coordinate Pierce County Stream Sign program, working with local governments and private citizens to arrange installation and maintenance programs for stream signs.

District Maintenance
A. Assist with required general maintenance duties on all District properties and/or facilities, and any required District project sites.
B. General grounds keeping.
C. Vehicle and equipment maintenance.
D. Janitorial work for District facilities.
E. Vegetation control on District properties and/or project sites.
F. Trash collection and clean-up on District properties and/or project sites.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Characteristics
The Stream Team component of this position requires a background in natural resource management, a Bachelor’s degree in a compatible field of study, or at least two years post high school education and one year work experience in a field of study compatible with this job description. The District Maintenance component should have demonstrated work experience and knowledge in a related area. Together, this position requires the following:

A. Understanding of and belief in the Stream Team and Conservation District mission(s). Represent Pierce Stream Team and Pierce Conservation District in a professional and upstanding manner.
B. Knowledge of a broad range of soil and water conservation principles, and knowledge of native plant species and appropriate planting/maintenance techniques.
C. Proficiency in written and oral communication techniques to address a wide variety of audiences, to prepare and explain conservation practices, prepare informational articles, and to prepare summary work reports.
D. Perform field work and physical labor year-round in all types of weather and conditions.
E. Ability to operate a motor vehicle for transportation to and from the field.
F. Operate small power equipment and possess knowledge of basic tool use. Ability to learn to operate larger equipment is desired.
G. Prior knowledge of or ability to learn to use technical field monitoring equipment.
H. Familiarity with computers to write reports, keep track of work progress, prepare educational and informational materials, and record field data.
I. Utilize a positive, helpful, and constructive attitude with members of the public, co-workers, and colleagues, even in stressful or difficult situations.
J. Effectively plan and organize own schedule of activities related to work goals set by the Stream Team Coordinator and District Property Manager.
K. Ability to maintain accurate records regarding time-keeping and authorized expenses.
L. Ability to meet deadlines and provide high quality, accurate, and timely product.
M. Work in both a team environment and independently, with the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing situations.
N. Be dependable and show initiative.
O. Ability to properly follow and implement management procedures, directives, or regulations.

Training and Evaluation:
Performance standards will be developed as needed to assist in evaluating work abilities, and work products. The person in this position will be evaluated in accordance with the State Conservation Commission Guidelines. These guidelines include a six month period of probation and thereafter, at the minimum, evaluations annually.

Performance evaluations are designed to aid communication between supervisors and employees, and clarify duties and responsibilities. They are intended to assist in the personal development of employees and to strengthen their performance through the development of an employee training plan. Evaluations will be used to substantiate recommendations for promotions, salary increases, and dismissals.

Training needs will be developed as a result of performance evaluations described above.

To Apply:
Submit a one-page cover letter describing how and why you are best suited to this position, resume’ (two pages maximum), and three references to the Pierce Conservation District no later than 4pm, February 19th, 2010. Electronic transmissions and faxes will not be accepted.

Contact Information:
Contact the following for questions or more information:
Jayme Gordon, Stream Team Coordinator (253-845-2973 or jaymeg@piercecountycd.org)
Mike Baden, District Property Manager (253-845-9770 or mikeb@piercecountycd.org)
Monty Mahan, District Director (253-845-9787 or montym@piercecountycd.org)

Physical Address:
Pierce Conservation District
5430 66th Ave. E.
Puyallup, WA 98371

Mailing Address:
Pierce Conservation District
P.O. Box 1057
Puyallup, WA 98371


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