Who turned out the lights?

If you have been in Tstad lately, you`ve probably asked the same question! As I walked into the lobby yesterday, I realized that Tstad is taking this competition pretty seriously!

In addition to the lobby lights being off, all of the house lights are off, there are fliers everywhere talking about the competition and encouraging residents to get involved, RAs are remembering to turn off wing lights and end lounge lights during their walkthroughs, there are signs on everything telling residents how much energy is being used, and they even decided to postpone their all campus event until the competition is over!

Way to go Tstad! We`re on day 6 of the competition! That means there are still 25 days left to plug in those smartstrips and turn off some lights to help your hall win $500! Email us in the Sustainability Office & let us know what your hall is doing to reduce your energy usage and what kind of prize you would like to see come to your building! : cooleycs@plu.edu


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