Coming Soon to Tstad…

Since its renovation in 2007, residents have been complaining about the lack of drinking fountains in Tingelstad. This year their Hall Council decided to look for a solution.

The cost of installing drinking fountains in the building would be somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000 for each fountain. Times nine floors… That`s a lot of money! While Tstad’s RHC is really excited about making refill stations available, and getting rid of bottled water usage in the building, that cost is just too high.

While checking the possibilities, another option emerged… Gooseneck fountains (like the ones added in academic buildings and the UC) are just as effective, and cost around $800 per faucet. They can be added to existing sinks a lot more easily than installing whole new fountains.

Here’s the good news! The Sustainability Office has offered to let Tstad use part of their savings from unPLUg, to help bring down the cost of these fountains! In addition to their savings, the winning hall gets a $500 prize! Tstad has the potential to save a lot of money, especially now that they have the smartstrips! (As long as they are being used!)

So, Tstadders… Use those SmartStrips, save some money, and get those water fountains you`ve been waiting for!


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