One step better than Vendingmisers

At the beginning of the school year, the Sustainability Office began to look at a product called Vendingmiser to reduce the energy used my Pepsi and snack machines on campus.   Vendingmisers work with a motion sensor to shut down lights and cooling compressors when they do not detect a customer.  At the same time, the monitor the vending machine’s temperature to never let it rise too high if someone doesn’t happen to walk by.   It’s a great product that saves an average of 46% per unit, and it is a great option for anyone with a vending machine.

However, while talking to Dining Services (the department who manages vending on campus), Audrey Charron had a better idea.  Who needs all these vending machines anyways?  Working with PLU’s Pepsi representative, we were able to identify 9 machines on campus that get almost little to no use whatsoever.  They just lurch silently sucking electricity in our hallways without ever serving a purpose.  And don’t forget, our electricity rate just went up by 17%.

For these 9 machines, the game is over.  Pepsi will be taking them out by the end of J-term.  This saves them the time and energy of checking the machines week after week, but never needing to fill them, and it saves PLU the electricity.  Some of the machines being removed are newer than others on campus that are being kept.  Some are EnergyStar rated, and use much less energy to begin with.  For those machines, they aren’t leaving entirely, but replacing the older energy suckers from other buildings.

So the locations that are having their vending machines slain this month are:

1. The second one in upstairs Eastvold

2.  The water vending machine in Harstad

3.  The Gatorade machine in Olson

4.  The second soda machine in Rieke

5.  Tinglestad floor number 2

6.  Tinglestad floor number 6

7.  The Memorial Gym building (not Names)

8.  The third machine in Hauge’s second floor lounge

9.  The water machine in the UC

The Pepsi machines in Ingram is also on the list as a potential removal.

This cuts our vending machines on campus by almost 25%!  An amazing drop in wasted electricity, wasted gas and emissions to Pepsi and not to mention, a step towards no bottled water on campus (Good job Take Back the Tap folks).


2 thoughts on “One step better than Vendingmisers

  1. There’s another vending alternative, even more eco-friendly for campus environments. Nick-named b.y.o.b. machines, they give students a convenient means to refill personal water bottles; cutting plastic waste significantly more than removing little used machines filled with single use disposable bottles.

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