New Solar Light in town

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a giant solar driven light down in front of Pflueger and Tinglestad.  This previously dark corner has been troublesome for years; it’s in an awkward location that makes it difficult to run wires out to any light.  For years, PLU staff has been trying to fix the problem, with only dim flickering results.

But over the summer, a brilliant thought!  Solar power is a reliable, and cheaper way to get light to this dark corner.  And now that it’s up, PLU will never have to pay an electric bill on this light.  Sol Lamps in Florida was the company that provided us this light, and the have guaranteed the product for 20 years.  That’s a pretty long lasting source of power.  Not even dams can go 20 years without servicing.

Three panels charge a battery throughout the day, and at night a photocell senses the darkness and flicks on the highly efficient LED bulb.  It’s bright, and and it’s here!  Our fist solar at PLU!  The first 3 of many.