Request for Research Proposal


This is an amazing opportunity that really blew me away.  Any student that takes this on will get a major feather in their cap, a paid stipend and a guaranteed way to impact PLU forever.  Take a look at, but here is the basic rundown:

Request for Research Proposal

AY 2009-2010 through 2010-2011

Topic – “Energy Efficiency and Conservation”

Maximum Budget – $10,000; one grant of $10,000 will be awarded in this cycle

Project Completion Date – On or before March 31, 2011

Eligible Institutions –Pacific Lutheran University, Saint Martin’s College, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle University, University of Puget Sound

Deadline for receipt of proposals –March 26, 2010

Sponsor – Funding provided by Puget Sound Energy, Inc., through a grant awarded to Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW)

Application Information

Research Topic – “Energy Efficiency and Conservation”   Proposals should focus on research that would help a utility, business or individual customer become more energy efficient.

Award Level – One award of $10,000 will be distributed beginning in 2009/10 and ends one year later in the 2010/11 academic year .  Funds can be used for any expense related to the research project, including equipment, travel, stipends, scholarships, materials, printing, etc.  Please attach a separate budget sheet detailing how grant funds will be spent.   Any unspent project funds will be retained by the recipient institution at the end of the project period.  The chief academic officer will determine how the remaining funds shall be spent.

Recognition   – Final results of the project, in whatever form presented (written, verbal, electronic, etc)  must include the following statement:  This project was funded by Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Inc of Bellevue, WA  through a grant awarded to the Independent  Colleges of Washington .  PSE and its representatives had no influence in the final selection of the institution receiving the award.

Application Guidelines

  • Research must be conducted by students (graduate or undergraduate), with faculty oversight, enrolled at applying institution.  Please noteProject will span two academic years
  • Research may focus on any individual or interdisciplinary academic subject(s) relevant to the topic (see sample list of selected topics below)

Application Content

  • The proposal should include the following information (weight of response on final selection):
    • A clear statement of the need(s), issue(s), or problem(s) to be addressed (30%)
    • Strategy and description of research process (20%)
    • Results you expect from your project (25%)
    • Timeline (10%)
    • How you will determine if your project is successful (10%)
    • Project budget (5%)
    • Academic status (class year, major, minor, etc.) of research individual or team members

Results – A written report, including results and conclusions of the project, will be provided to Independent Colleges of Washington by March31, 2010A one-page progress report sent to ICW is requested at the half-way point – September 30, 2010.  At the conclusion of the project, final results will be disseminated to Puget Sound Energy.  No requirement is made by the donor to see the research and no control over the research or results may be exercised by the donor or by Independent Colleges of Washington. Results remain the intellectual property of the researchers and their institution for publication or other dissemination.

Applications must be received by March 26th, 2010.  Mail or email proposals to:

Anne Cassidy

Independent Colleges of Washington

600 Stewart Street, Suite 600

Seattle, WA  98101