Sustainability Committee Minutes

Sustainability Committee Minutes



Attendees: Barb McConathy, Dave Kohler, Brian Naasz, Jeff Olsen-Krengel, Andrew Ratzke, Joe Bell, Becca Krzmarzick, Kenny Stancil


BBTB Charter

  • Andrew summarized charter
  • All signees verbally accepted charter
  • All committee members verbally accepted charter
  • Joe suggested encouraging on-campus students to use indoor bike rooms for long-term storage instead of the new racks
  • Dave said Parking Committee (Laura Majovski or Tom Huelsbeck) needs to be involved
    • Needs Sheri’s approval on bike rack picture
    • Wants to move all racks and roll out document at the same time (end of January)
  • Charter will be signed by next meeting
  • Can start spending money on the Bike Co-Op now


Next Meeting

  • In 2 weeks, will be for planning spring semester
    • Do we want to change anything about our meetings?
      • Frequency, time, specific groups
  • Share ideas about using remainder of Green Fee money
  • TBTT addendum will be signed



  • TBTT
    • Sold 50 more last week, people can buy them in ASPLU office
    • Jeff: is campus was over-saturated with them?  RAs can have new students sign document to use bottles.
    • Brian: can we sell them at the bookstore?
    • Wendy: sell in the OMM?
    • Barb: only 2 bottles were found in trash/recycling at end of year
  • RHA
    • Just had regional conference
    • America Recycles Week: Lids Off campaign, and posted length of time that products degrade
    • RecycleMania starts in January
      • Barb wants # of totes to be part of stats this year
      • Jeff, Barb need to talk with RD’s about program
  • Dining
    • TruRecycle starts tomorrow and will be picked up on Friday
      • Can take a lot more things like fridges and TVs
      • Jeff will notify students
      • Another event for move-out: May 25-28th
    • Empty Bowls event Thursday 3-4:30pm
  • EHS
    • Decrease in amount of hazard waste moved out (about 700 lbs)
    • Comes from education departments
  • Facilities
    • Barb found company that will take bottle lids for recycling
      • Dining will save lids for this campaign
    • PLU working on 1st draft of President’s Climate Commitment
      • McKinstry helping
      • Need thoughts/ideas for how to formulate plan to reduce carbon
      • January 8th is due date
      • Will update process every year
      • Want a half hour during next meeting to discuss
      • Part of PLU 2020 plan
  • PLU 2020
    • Brian and Anna drafted questions to guide new committee
      • What does sustainability mean?
      • What actions do we need to take?
      • How do we integrate this into education curriculum?
  • Sustainability Expo
    • Flyer printed and passed around
    • 200-500 people attending
    • Need student support

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