LuteFit Article

Sustainability is More than the Environment

by Chrissy Cooley, Sustainability-Resource Coordinator

Sustainability is the newest buzzword of the day. But unlike many fads, this one is here to stay. Some are even calling this point in time the “green generation.” Think industrial revolution, but green.  When most people are quizzed on the definition of sustainability, they usually think strictly environmental.  But sustainability is so much more! Sustainability occurs as a perfect balance between the interest of people, the natural world and business. It’s often depicted in the famous Venn diagram, frequently referred to as the 3 P’s- People, Planet, Profit.
Each of these categories can be broken down into a million sub-topics, but for individuals sustainable life habits can do amazing things for them personally. When someone is practicing a sustainable lifestyle, they are living better in a way that helps themselves and the earth.
Some easy and healthy ways to be sustainable:

1. Increase natural light and decrease artificial light. Better yet, go outside every once in awhile.
2. Exercise in little ways throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to see someone rather than call. Get up and stretch.
3. Get a Take Back the Tap Bottle, or other reusable water bottle. Drinking water regularly is great for you, but horrible if the plastic from disposable bottles is going
into you, then the earth.
4. Improve indoor air quality with plants and frequent green cleaning strategies.
5. Spice up your schedule! Try biking to work if you live close by, or take the bus to get some much-needed alone time.
6. Pack a green lunch. Local, organic foods that allow you to stay out of lunchtime traffic are much better for you than a rush through fast food joint.
7. You know your office better than any other person on campus. If you have an idea to green it up, especially if it would make you and your co-workers feel better, then blog about it!


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