The Big Polluters Rule

Did you know that only a handful of huge factories and power plants emit over half of all U.S. global warming pollution?

The EPA needs your help to hold these mega-polluters accountable for their role in polluting our air–send a public comment today!

The EPA is holding a 60 day comment period on its proposed Big Polluters Rule to make the worst offenders clean up their act, and we know polluting industries are already attempting to use this time to weaken the requirements.

It is critical that we give President Obama and his EPA the support they need to stand up to Big Oil and Coal
and begin to undo the damage to our climate and economy caused by 8 years of inaction under the Bush Administration.

You can be a part of the EPA’s effort to create real change that holds Big Polluters responsible by adding a comment to the public register.

The Big Polluters Rule marks one of EPA’s most important commitments yet to moving us toward a clean energy economy. By requiring new or expanding Big Polluter facilities to install technology to clean up their emissions, the rule will quickly cut global warming pollution while still helping our economy grow.

Watch our animated video to learn more about the Big Polluters Rule and send a message urging the EPA to stand firm against Big Oil and Coal efforts to weaken the proposed regulation.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment.

Mary Anne Hitt
Sierra Club Big Picture Campaign


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