Bring Back The Bike!

This year’s Sustainability Committee students are hard at work.  Each year, the students are tasked to identify a problem and plan a solution that will help PLU’s sustainability goals.  Last year’s Take Back the Tap campaign was the first program to use the green fees, and this year’s will be even better.  Bring Back the Bike examines obstacles facing cyclists on campus, and ways to break through those.

From the BBTB charter, ”

Bring Back the Bike is a campaign in which we are looking to educate students on the importance of using alternate means of transportation instead of traveling by car.  At a small school where the vast majority of our students live within biking or walking distance of campus, sustainable means of transportation can have a great impact on our carbon footprint as both students and a university.  While the campaign can mean a larger commitment to sustainability for the students at PLU, it is also a way to educate them on important lifestyle choices that hopefully will stay with them upon graduating from our university.  Thus the goal of the campaign is not only to educate students on the importance of a sustainable commute, but to provide them with an opportunity to make changes that will stick with them after leaving PLU.  The campaign will look to make such changes through a number of different projects. The first and largest aspect of the campaign will be the funding of the purchase of more bike racks for the PLU campus. The bike racks will be used as the kick-off to the Bike Co-Op that Outdoor Rec. has been diligently working on organizing.  There will be educational programming events such as a bike parade, and selling of helmets by the local fire fighters. In order to show where the funds come from for this project, at least one plaque will be installed by a bike rack.”

Bike racks will be installed in the following areas:

  • University Center – on the lower level near the stairs
  • Administration Building – directly in front to the right
  • Library – in front to replace a currently broekn bench
  • Shared rack for Mary Baker Russell, Reike, and Morken – Behind Reike, in front of MBR’s lower stairs
  • Shared large rack for Hinderlie, Hong, and Kreidler – Again a lot of space in between all three of the dorms, and there is a light because of the pathway.
  • Tinglestad – Has tons of space not only in front, but to the right of the building if you are facing it.
  • Shared rack between Foss and Pflueger – in between by the basketball courts.

Please help Bring Back the Bike by commenting with what would enable you to cycle to campus.


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