Interest has quadrupled in club

Megan Buchholz


Resources Director

One of ASPLU’s goals is to encourage and inspire student engagement in on-campus, local and global events.

The Volunteer Center is a resource that students can utilize in order to connect to the larger community outside the “Lutedome.”

Over the past year, the number of people interested in volunteering has quadrupled.

The Volunteer Center has a wide variety of service classes on campus and is now having more clubs.

Due to the fact that the Volunteer Center has a roll-over system of hiring– where a new co-director is hired every year and keeps that position for two years– there has been little room left for change and progress.

However, the Volunteer Center has a new director of public service, Kelly Cowdery, and has been given the chance to get the word out again and to reorient the campus toward a focus on community service.

In the next couple years, the Volunteer Center plans to make PLU known for its call to service.

The hope is to take the compassion, leadership, education and dedication seen on campus outside the “Lutedome” and start to work with the Tacoma community to collaboratively make a positive impact.

The goal of the Volunteer Center is to make a push for service, and to also set clubs, organizations and individuals up with placements that work for them.

They are hoping to create a symbiotic relationship in that students and community members will be working together on projects allowing for both sides to benefit.

The benefits of volunteering on the student’s side are that it allows them to make connections outside of PLU with some truly incredible people and gives them a chance to get hands-on experience in areas they are interested in.

PLU students have gone on to work in the non-profit organizations that they initially started volunteering for.

For clubs and organizations these experiences can serve as a way to give members a real-life look at the issue their group is advocating and increase the connections among members of your group.

If you would like to find out more about the Volunteer Center and the options we have available please contact us at or at 253-535-8318.

ASPLU and the Volunteer Center are teaming up for the Tyrone Wells Charity Concert for Hunger and Homelessness Week.

The concert will be in The Commons on Thursday, Nov. 12.

PLUtonic is opening for Tyrone Wells and will be starting at 8:30 p.m.

Bring one can of food, or a dollar to get in.

Canned food can be purchased at the Old Main Market with dining dollars. The canned food drive’s goal is $300 and 100 cans.


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