Zero-Energy Light


Photoluminescence is a fascinating form of light that requires absolutely zero electricity.  Wikipedia tells me, “Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) is a process in which a substance absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) and then re-radiates photons.”  Which means, as the photons are excited, their energy output is light.  

Although the lumen output is fairly low, the green market is taking hold of this technology for indoor lighting applications.  If photoluminescence can be captured in a lighting product, it not only saves electricity cost, but electric installation, and future maintenance of that product.  Currently, only one product that I can find uses this technology.  Exit signs don’t need a high lumen count, they’re only there for emergency situations where the area would be pitch black.

PLU already has 2 photoluminescent exit signs in Olson’s upper gymnasium.  They were approved by the fire marshal and are working just fine; without costing PLU a cent.

There are many different kinds of exit signs on this campus, and some use more energy than others.  The worst energy suckers are the incandescent bulbs.  I need help looking for these so that the Sustainability Department can start doing some digging into the cost effectiveness of replacing them.  It would be so awesome to be using ZERO electricity on an appliance that every building needs to have.


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