Sustainability Committee Meeting 10/21/09

Attendees: Brian Naasz, Andrew Ratzke, Emily Tollefson, Joe Bell, Barb McConathy, Chrissy Cooley, Ron Martin-Dent, Nathan Page, Kenny Stancil, Anna
1.       Announcements
a.       ASPLU-   New members
b.      RHA-   Some of the sustainability directors are upset at losing unPLUg.    “Caps off” November 16th – 20th.  An effort to up recycling rates
c.       EHS-   Thoughts of submitting a staff member for the Quigg Award based on their sustainability efforts
d.      Facilities-    RecycleMania conference in Portland coming up.    unPLUg rundown- $1800 and 47,000 kWh saved
  1. Bring Back the Bike
    1. Charter sent to Sustainability Committee
    2. $3,500 needed by the bike co-op
    3. Need to run by the parking committee
    4. Locations selected for the bike racks:
    5. Lower Level of the University Center
      1. Small library rack will be swapped with the rack by the pool
      2. To the right of the entrance of Hauge
      3. Shared rack for MBR, Reike and Morken
      4. Shared rack for Hinderlie, Hong and Kreidler
      5. To the left of the entrance of Tinglestad
      6. Shared rack between Foss and Pflueger
      7. PLU 2020
        1. Task Force will be starting in regards to incorporating sustainability into 2020 planning
        2. What are the “Questions for Consideration” regarding sustainability at PLU?
        3. Needs a definition/elevator speech
        4. Define scope (carbon neutrality, other metric, etc)
        5. What kind of $$$ are we working with?
        6. Can we examine the chemicals being used on campus?
        7. How to infuse curriculum

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